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Joseph Shawl Finished

September 7th 2011 in Projects

Here are some photos of the finished Joseph shawl.  The model is my daughter, Althea.  It turned out rather nice for an experiment! It’s machine washable and can be dried, which has its benefits.  Next time I do something like this I think I might do it with a weighted warp.  Also, that way I will be able to see more of it at once, which will help with patterning.  Nevertheless, it is a striking piece — with variations in colour and texture.



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A couple of weeks ago I was looking at the Knitter’s Mercantile’s Blog and saw an entry about a knit-along where they made a “Bermuda Shawl/Scarf”.  Seeing the twisty-curvy bands of colour inspired me to see if I could do something like this woven as a tapestry.  I figured I could attempt to do a loom-shaped […]

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After posting pictures of the  “Joseph” shawl of many colours, I was requested to make a scarf in that same style.  I think in many ways it turned out better than the original — while the colour changes and interplay are not as drastic/distinct, it flows better.  Also, I found myself entering a meditative state […]

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