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Weekend Weaving

October 10th 2011 in Projects

I was off for a few days, so I spent time weaving…

I wove a couple of pieces for Halloween — they didn’t turn out as long as I’d thought they should, I think they shrunk some in washing. The design was based on Woven His and Hers Scarves With One Warp. These were on the same warp; the warp is Cascade 220 orange and Patton‘s classic merino in black.  The weft is Aade Lõng 8/1 black lilac doubled.

Also, I wove another scarf in Plymouth Yarn’s Boku. I knew it would be a quick weave — and it was – 4 hrs start to finish, with a 5 epi sett; it’s a nice, loose weave, which I fulled a little bit to make it fluffy.  I listed it on Etsy, then posted to Facebook, and fifteen minutes later it had a new home!



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Weaving is an ancient craft practiced for thousands of years.  As time passed, knowledge and techniques were passed down from one weaver to another. Sometimes techniques were kept hidden from competition but more often weavers would share their knowledge. For a very long time weaving skills were transmitted by hand and mouth — it’s only been […]

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It is nice to see yarn companies posting weaving projects; I appreciate that Lion Brand Yarns is doing so.  There are times, however, that I think their names are a bit unfortunate.

Take The Boyfriend Scarf, for instance.  It’s a quick and simple 2 shaft project which looks quite nice.  However, the name leaves something to […]

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