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What’s on the Loom: Boa Scarf

September 20th 2011 in On the Loom, Projects

Currently on the loom I have a silk boa, inspired by a project inspired by Fashions from the Loom, by Betty Beard. It’s amazing how fast these warp and weave — with 2″ of warp and 2 floating selvages 8″ apart, my shuttle pretty much flies.  I expect to finish it tonight.  The one thing I’m not sure about is the outermost warp threads are “floating” out to the loops.  We’ll see once it’s off the loom and washed.

Fashions from the loom: handwoven clothing made easy
Betty J. Beard; Interweave Press 1980
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Each year, A Wool Gathering is held in September in Ohio.  This year it is on the 17th and 18th of September.  Next year, it will be on 15-16 September.

Wool Gathering is the first fiber festival which I attended.  It’s also the one where I purchased my first loom.

It’s really nifty, held north of Yellow Springs, […]

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