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Work in progress: multiple shots in same shed

January 28th 2012

This scarf uses a “new to me” technique – multiple shots in the same shed, using floating selveges to keep the weft from pulling in too much. The design looked, on the computer a little like “hearts” — at least as close as a 2 shaft design could make, that is. And it’s apropos for […]

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Recycled Sari Yarn Makes Sorry Warp

October 29th 2011

I’ve had some recycled sari silk yarn which I dyed back in June.  I hadn’t been too sure what I was going to do with it.  I almost tried putting it on my rigid heddle last weekend; I’m glad I didn’t.  Right before I started warping, I took a real close look at it and […]

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On the Loom: Alpaca and Tencel

October 11th 2011

It is nice to see yarn companies posting weaving projects; I appreciate that Lion Brand Yarns is doing so.  There are times, however, that I think their names are a bit unfortunate. Take The Boyfriend Scarf, for instance.  It’s a quick and simple 2 shaft project which looks quite nice.  However, the name leaves something […]

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Textured Weave Experiments

September 25th 2011

I love knit cables. And at times I admit to a bit of jealousy — there are things which are fairly easy to do for knitters which are difficult if not nigh impossible for weavers. However weaving does tend to be rather faster than knitting (once the loom is warped!!!!), so I guess there are […]

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What’s on the Loom: Boa Scarf

September 20th 2011

Currently on the loom I have a silk boa, inspired by a project inspired by Fashions from the Loom, by Betty Beard. It’s amazing how fast these warp and weave — with 2″ of warp and 2 floating selvages 8″ apart, my shuttle pretty much flies.  I expect to finish it tonight.  The one thing […]

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