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Work in progress: multiple shots in same shed

January 28th 2012 in Drafts, Experiments, On the Loom

This scarf uses a “new to me” technique – multiple shots in the same shed, using floating selveges to keep the weft from pulling in too much. The design looked, on the computer a little like “hearts” — at least as close as a 2 shaft design could make, that is. And it’s apropos for the time of year, too!

Here it is on the loom; I’m not quite done weaving it yet. At this point, the pattern is not too evident; I think that it needs washing and fulling in order to be more evident.

In Progress

Cotton Chenile with a Cotton/Rayon mix

I’ve noticed a few things in the process of weaving. With multiple shots in a single shed, it’s really hard to keep it balanced. I’m hoping that washing will help. I also think that I need a closer sett than I would otherwise — that will help compensate for the weft shots being closer.

I’ll post a picture once it’s finished, but it is still a very interesting design!



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I’ve had some recycled sari silk yarn which I dyed back in June.  I hadn’t been too sure what I was going to do with it.  I almost tried putting it on my rigid heddle last weekend; I’m glad I didn’t.  Right before I started warping, I took a real close look at it and […]

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My Joseph Shawl received a picture and mention in the Jan/Feb issue of Handwoven magazine!

I was leafing through it and it jumped out at me. Granted, it was in the context of the Weaving Today Galleries, but still…

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