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October 16th 2011

I’ve been weaving with singles recently — single ply yarn that is.  As a result, I’ve learned a few things about weaving with singles: Single Ply yarn is not as elastic as plied yarn If using it for the warp, spread it out a little more than you might otherwise.\ There are less issues with […]

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Felting Lessons

June 4th 2011

I’ve been experimenting with felting handwovens for making ponytail holders.  Along the way I’ve learned a few lessons: Fiber does matter Only certain fibers will felt. Wool and Alpaca are among these.  Generally synthetics and cellulose based yarns will not. This can be used to advantage — you can create textures based on the difference […]

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(Almost) Infinite Variations

March 7th 2011

A four-shaft loom makes a great first loom. One could spend a lifetime weaving on it and still not exhaust all possibilities. — Marcy Petrini I’ve been playing with variations on a single theme — a 4 shaft pattern where I change only the tie-up; the threading and treadling remain the same.  With a twill […]

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March 4th 2010

According to Wikipedia, the way to calculate EPI is as follows: First calculate the Wraps per inch, then depending on the weave multiply to get the ends per inch: Tabby WPI * .5 Twill WPI * 2/3 I got a really nifty tool for counting WPI from KnitPicks for my birthday. Disclaimer:  I have no […]

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