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It’s been a while….

June 15th 2013 in Announcements

I’ve been, well, busy.

  • I developed and delivered a workshop for rigid heddle weaving for the Central Ohio Weaver’s Guild. As a part of that I’ve developed a book on rigid heddle weaving — it’s close to completion. A sample of the book can be downloaded and you can sign up for updates. https://leanpub.com/rigid-heddle/
  • What started out as a plain weave color study has grown out of all imagination! The book(s) were very much an edge case for leanpub, so I bit the bullet, learned and developed my own workflow for writing books and created my own publishing house called Weft of the Moon! weftsm
  • Weft of the Moon‘s first book is almost ready for publication. It consists of 7800 patterns; a sample and WIF files can be downloaded. permutations_cover
  • I have a contest running for Plainweave Permutations — the prize is a copy of Mary Blacks The New Key to Weaving.

All of this doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon Woven Threads, just that I’m branching out!



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My Joseph Shawl received a picture and mention in the Jan/Feb issue of Handwoven magazine!

I was leafing through it and it jumped out at me. Granted, it was in the context of the Weaving Today Galleries, but still…

You can see my writeup in their gallery here

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