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Neck Cloth aka Cravat WIP

June 5th 2011 in Projects

I was looking the other day for cravat patterns — Father’s Day is, after all, two weeks away.  What better than a quasi-tie for the Neo-Victorian Father?  To that end, I found several ideas, but then remembered about the Mitered-Loop Keyhole Scarf after seeing some period cravats were basically pointed long strips of cloth.  Digging around my yarnstash, I decided upon Harrisville’s Silk and Wool yarn in black for the warp, and a multi-coloured silk from China for the weft.  It’s on my rigid heddle loom, with the 7.5 dpi heddle.  It was very quick to warp; with only 32 warp threads, it’s easy and weaving up quickly.  In less than an hour I wove 10″.  I’ll keep better track tomorrow, but was getting tired! It will be interesting when finished.  Perhaps a bit tooo active; I’ll likely do another more subtle version soon.  I snapped a quick pic on my phone, it’s nothing special picture-wise.



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I’ve been experimenting with felting handwovens for making ponytail holders.  Along the way I’ve learned a few lessons:

Fiber does matter Only certain fibers will felt. Wool and Alpaca are among these.  Generally synthetics and cellulose based yarns will not. This can be used to advantage — you can create textures based on the difference […]

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