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Historic 3 Shaft Lozenge

June 6th 2011 in Drafts, Projects

This pattern is based on an example on p. 150 of Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs and Burials, by Margrethe Hald. 

Ancient Danish textiles from bogs and burials: a comparative study of costume and Iron Age textiles
Margrethe Hald; National Museum of Denmark 1980
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It has been translated from 4 shafts to 3, resulting in a 2/1 broken twill as opposed to the original 2/2.

Why 3 shaft? 3 shafts are still easily accomplished on a rigid heddle loom by using two heddles. And, truth be told, there are far few patterns for rigid heddle looms.  So, when possible, I’ll present drafts for them as well.



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In (Almost) Infinite Variations, I took a threading and changed the treadling in various ways.  Eventually I devised a “tabby” treadling of it.  Recently it occurred to me that the four shaft pattern could be reduced to two.  I really liked one part of the pattern in particular — it had very nice curves, so […]

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Here’s the first in what I hope to be a regular feature — drafts.  Some I will have made, others I’ll attribute to a source.

This is a 4 shaft design which, since every other shot is a tabby shot, could be woven as an overshot pattern.  The longest float is 5 in the weft, which […]

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