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Geekly 8 Bit Promotion to Celebrate 256 Facebook Fans

This page created June 20th 2011

I admit it.  I’m a geek. One of the basic units of computer memory is called a byte. A byte consists of eight (8) bits, and there are 256 values which it can represent.

This promotion is to celebrate 256 fans of my Facebook fan page: Woven Threads.  It will go into effect once I reach 256 likes of the fan page.

Since there are 8 bits in a byte, we will have 8 giveaways (winners chosen from all the fans, except where noted):

  1. A handmade woolen scarf featuring yarn dyed by Althea and I. (If the winner is allergic to wool, another item will be substituted)
  2. A mug rug
  3. A ponytail holder
  4. A coupon code for 25% off of your order at Woven Thread’s Etsy page. This code will be good for one week from the time I receive 256 fans and may be used by anyone.
  5. A $5 USD gift certificate to Woven Thread’s Etsy page for whomever first guesses the coupon code.  If there is no winner, then the code will be announced. 24 hours after I receive 256 fans. Hint: It’s related to bits, bytes, and 25.  You can contact me using the form below with your guess.
  6. And more to be determined.  If you would like your shop to be featured, please contact me.

How to enter? Simply “like” Woven Threads on Facebook.

Followups will be posted here, on facebook, and on twitter @woventhreadsnet.




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