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Dyeing with Thea

February 26th 2010 in Dyeing, Projects, Yarn

Thea's Rainbow Yarn

Thea, my 5 year old and I dyed some Fisherman’s wool the other night using Kroger neon food coloring and kool-ade. It was definitely a learning experience.  For one thing, there’s the whole dying with a 5 year old and trying not to spill all over the place.  For another, we didn’t dilute it well enough — the skein looked tie dyed when we were done!

I plan to weave her a little hooded jacket from the yarn; there should be way more than enough.  There may even be enough for both warp and weft.  We’ll have to see, however; I’m thinking that black would be a good choice for either warp or weft.  Given the colors, I think that plainweave is in order.

At anyrate, it will be a veritable Joseph Coat!



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