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“Starry” Draft

February 26th 2010 in Drafts, Projects
Draft designed on handweaving.net

Draft designed on handweaving.net

Handweaving.net has a very nifty tool for designing drafts based on Divisional Drafting.  The draft to the right is one I created using that tool.  It is a 4 shaft, 4 treadle design based on

  • Tieup: Color Complementation Project, Draft #41017,
  • Threading: Weber Kunst und Bild Buch, Marx Ziegler, (1677) # 22,
  • Treadling: Weber Kunst und Bild Buch, Marx Ziegler, (1677) # 22

It is pattern #62825 on the site.  The only potential gotcha is that the longest weft float is 9 wide.

The WIF can be downloaded here.



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