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March 24th 2010 in Uncategorized

Yarn!  We loves it.  We neeeds it precious!

Most weavers, knitters, and crocheters have large stashes of yarns.  Some we love.  Others, well, we wonder why we bought them in the first place.

In this series, I review my own experiences with various yarns and how I’ve found them to be for weaving.  I intend to review on the following characteristics:

  • Softness – How soft is the yarn?
  • Stretch – How stretchy is it?
  • Dye-fastness – How much does it bleed?
  • Fuzziness – How much does the yarn frizz/fray?
  • “Feel” – How does it feel?  Scratchy, soft, etc..
  • Colors – Bright?  Dull?
  • WPI – Wraps per inch
  • Cost – How much does it cost?
  • Skein Size – How many yards/meters to the skein, as well as weight.
  • Suitability – How suitable is the yarn for weaving?

Other than being a customer, I don’t expect to have any relationship with the various vendors of yarns I’ll review.

Expect, on average, one review a week.



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According to Wikipedia, the way to calculate EPI is as follows:

First calculate the Wraps per inch, then depending on the weave multiply to get the ends per inch:

Tabby WPI * .5 Twill WPI * 2/3 I got a really nifty tool for counting WPI from KnitPicks for my birthday.

Disclaimer:  I have no connection […]

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