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Sometimes breaking “the rules” still works

September 3rd 2011 in Projects

Somewhere I’d run into someone talking about using a painted yarn in a log cabin weaving in order to have a more subtle pattern.  I thought this was a neat idea and decided to try it with some yarn which Thea and I had dyed.

On the loom, I was really disappointed.  I couldn’t see the pattern at all!  I know that happens with certain designs so I decided to reserve judgement until it was finished.  Despite not seeing the pattern, it still looked nifty, so I didn’t think it would be a “total” loss.

Off the loom, once it had a chance to relax overnight, the pattern became visible.  After washing, even more so.  It’s still rather subtle; the log cabin effect is somewhat lost from a distance. Nevertheless, I definitely plan to try it again!



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