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Joseph Shawl (In Progress)

September 4th 2011 in Projects

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at the Knitter’s Mercantile‘s Blog and saw an entry about a knit-along where they made a “Bermuda Shawl/Scarf“.  Seeing the twisty-curvy bands of colour inspired me to see if I could do something like this woven as a tapestry.  I figured I could attempt to do a loom-shaped triangle where the triangle would advance across the loom as I wove.  Rather than try to deal with the vagaries of a straight diagonal selvage, I decided to go with a stepped selvage, advancing and decreasing the width of the weaving every inch (or so).  I wanted it to drape fairly well, so I didn’t try to make it a weft-facing weave.

I warped my rigid heddle loom, gathered a bunch of colorful yarns, made butterflies, and set to work.

I’m finding that I’m not ending up with quite as curvy/long lengths as I’d been inspired — I’m not sure how well that would work with weaving in this manner.





Here you can see it in progress; I’m over halfway finished.

This has been an interesting project; it’s not turned out quite like I’d envisioned, but I also have not been very strict — I’ve let myself play and that’s been pretty freeing — no pattern, just the interplay of texture, colour, and shape.



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Somewhere I’d run into someone talking about using a painted yarn in a log cabin weaving in order to have a more subtle pattern.  I thought this was a neat idea and decided to try it with some yarn which Thea and I had dyed.

On the loom, I was really disappointed.  I couldn’t see the […]

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Here are some photos of the finished Joseph shawl.  The model is my daughter, Althea.  It turned out rather nice for an experiment! It’s machine washable and can be dried, which has its benefits.  Next time I do something like this I think I might do it with a weighted warp.  Also, that way I […]

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