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On the Loom: Alpaca and Tencel

October 11th 2011 in Musings, On the Loom, Rants

It is nice to see yarn companies posting weaving projects; I appreciate that Lion Brand Yarns is doing so.  There are times, however, that I think their names are a bit unfortunate.

Take The Boyfriend Scarf, for instance.  It’s a quick and simple 2 shaft project which looks quite nice.  However, the name leaves something to be desired.  Just like the Woven His and Hers Scarves With One Warp — I think the “his” version would be better for my daughter, Thea (you can see her wearing it here).  Why do they feel the need to add a gender specific stigma to the design?  Am I warping the frail sensibilities of my daughter by having her wear the “his” scarf? No, not really.

Aside from the unfortunate names, they are interesting patterns which are easily woven on two shafts and designed for rigid heddle looms.

I went rooting through my stash and came across a very nice Alpaca/Tencel yarn from Classic Elite Yarns, called Miracle.  Unfortunately it is discontinued, so I’ll make the most of what I have of it — I didn’t realize it was discontinued until just now. All the more reason to savor it. It is a little “fuzzy” in the warp; it’s visible where the heddle moves up and down the warp.  However, it is wonderfully soft and silky feeling. This will be a very nice scarf once it’s finished.

"Boyfriend" scarf on the loom



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