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“Joseph” Redux

September 14th 2011 in Philosophy, Projects

After posting pictures of the  “Joseph” shawl of many colours, I was requested to make a scarf in that same style.  I think in many ways it turned out better than the original — while the colour changes and interplay are not as drastic/distinct, it flows better.  Also, I found myself entering a meditative state where the interplay of colour, fiber, and texture were speaking to me.  This was very interesting, and something almost new — other times I’ve been in the “zone”, but it was more along the lines of the pattern and tension/beating were what was speaking to me.  This time, however, it was completely different — free from constraints (save the finished dimensions), I was able to just flow.  Also because it is finger manipulated, I was able to interact with the fiber in a way not possible when using shuttles.  The beating, too, is different — part done with the beater, part done with a tapestry beater.

I can’t put everything quite into words — it’s more experiential than intellectual.

Both styles of weaving have their place — both are neat in their own way.  I think that despite the amount of work required there is a lot to be said for this style of weaving.



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Here are some photos of the finished Joseph shawl.  The model is my daughter, Althea.  It turned out rather nice for an experiment! It’s machine washable and can be dried, which has its benefits.  Next time I do something like this I think I might do it with a weighted warp.  Also, that way I […]

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Each year, A Wool Gathering is held in September in Ohio.  This year it is on the 17th and 18th of September.  Next year, it will be on 15-16 September.

Wool Gathering is the first fiber festival which I attended.  It’s also the one where I purchased my first loom.

It’s really nifty, held north of Yellow Springs, […]

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